Torrance Hampton
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The Genius Factor Academy Podcast is hosted by Torrance Hampton – Co-Founder | Executive Producer – G|FCTR FILMS and only features guests who are living passionate on purpose lives, where work and play are one!  Each episode will feature a successful individual that exemplifies one or multiple Genius Factor core tenets, and will showcase amazing stories of how they made Their Passion Their Paycheck! 

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Why I Started This Movement?

When you play the part of the wrong genius you’re destined for unhappiness.  I know because it took me 20 years of trial and error to figure out what I was passionate about!  I was un-fulfilled during high school, college and working in corporate America and most importantly, I was extremely unhappy – Sound Familiar?  I started this movement because I cracked the code on activating your Passion & EQ-Emotional Intelligence by developing the Genius Factor platform.  I’m a Genius, You’re a Genius and all 8 Billion people on the planet have Genius level talent, and what took me 20 year to discover I’m giving to you in 20 minutes! The Genius Factor podcast, book and movement is hacking culture globally and is changing the world!

Get Ready, Your Life Is About To Change!